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"Making Votes Count" Errata

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p. 3: Generous to a fault, I give Mario Vargas Llosa a Nobel Prize in Literature which he never won.

p. 32, line 9: j+1 is not properly subscripted.

p. 42: The text is incorrect when it says that the U.S. has a fused vote that links presidential and vice presidential candidates of the same party.

p. 44: The text says Hungary has a pooling candidate vote, but Table 3.1 does not reflect this.

p. 46: Improper indentation of San Marino and Sao Tome.

p. 48: The text says that Israel, the Netherlands and Switzerland have pooling list votes but Table 3.1 shows Israel with an exclusive list vote, the Netherlands with no list vote, and Switzerland with an exclusive list vote. The table is correct.

p. 48: Add "legally defined geographic area" to definition of electoral district.

p. 48: The first line is repeated from p. 44.

p. 49: Footnote #10 (8th to last line) is missing.

p. 58: Footnote references in main text jump from #12 (line 2) to #14 (last line); footnotes appear as #12 and #13.

p. 109: The text of footnote #11, last sentence, opens a parenthesis that should be deleted.

p. 113: The caption to Fig 5.6 says ‘lower house’ but the text (correctly) says house + senate.

p. 155: line 14 has a missing accent in González.

p. 156: Next to last line in paragraph 3 reads "that either an M – or an M + 1-equilibrium"; the hyphen after the first M is confusing, for it looks like a minus sign. This sentence should be reedited to look as follows: "that either an M- or an (M+1)-equilibrium".

p. 166: The text in footnote #15, as it jumps from p. 166 to p. 167, reads "In for example,". It should read "In, for example,".

p. 176: Model 3 in Table 9.1 should have 1323 observations instead of 1324.

pp. 203, 315: The correct citation is to "Amorim Neto, Octavio and Gary W. Cox...", not to "Cox, Gary W., and Octavio Amorim Neto..."

p. 228: Footnote #6 (second paragraph) has no text.

p. 263: Figure 14.1 has no legend. The figure should have a second line (under "The battle of London") saying something like "Percenage of London districts in which Labour and the Liberals finished first or second." Then, to the right of the graph, it should say that black squares refer to the Labour party, whereas white circles refer to the Liberal party.

p. 303: The comma that begins the third line of the second paragraph should go at the end of the previous line.

p. 318: Gonzalez should be González.

p. 322: McKelvey 1976 says Journal of Economic Theory 2; should be Journal of Economic Theory 12.

"Canada" on page 279 ought to be "CANADA," there being roughly 30 million Canadians.